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safe together


safe together


SpectrumX brings high-traffic venues back to full use with our unique walk-through SpectriPOD

Speedy, safe and scientifically proven

Based on the scientific information provided by Spectrum Antimicrobial and SpectrumX, the Specticept solution has shown to be a highly effective disinfectant (antiviral and antimicrobial). It has been shown to be biocompatible at the concentration levels referenced herein. As such, I would recommend that Spectricept should be considered and evaluated by authorities as an ideal solution for use in rapid walk-through sanitisation systems.

Dr. Jerry Stonemetz

Medical Director at Johns Hopkins University Hospital

Our Scientific Innovation

The Spectricept Solution – 20 years in development for medical grade use, now available to protect the public through SpectrumX

  • The Spectricept solution is 300 times more effective than bleach in killing pathogens

  • Unlike bleach or alcohol based sanitising agents Spectricept is, even in its highest concentration, completely harmless to human beings, clothing and anything else.

  • It is based on Hypochlorous Acid which is the body’s natural defence against viral and bacterial infections.

  • Spectricept is the beginning of the sanitisation revolution that will help create infection free environments for a whole range of uses from cleansing of people to medicinal

  • Spectricept used in conjunction with masks and social distancing will offer the highest degree of public safety yet available for mass gatherings

Our Technological innovation

  • SpectrumX’s unique walk-through method allows the fastest access to the venue whilst providing the most efficient sanitisation process

  • Our SpectriPODs santise up to 1 person per second. With just 10 Pods we can allow approximately 40,000 people to enter a venue in just 1 hour. Thermographic cameras gauge temperatures prior to entry

  • No upfront cost for clients, venues pay a throughput charge only –  No Clients, No Cost

  • The SpectriPOD provides an unrivaled coverage of the person after walking through the Pod

  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in conjunction with an NHS medical grade approved manufacturer

About us

SpectrumX was conceived to bring us back together. We are a public safety company focused on protecting people and their loved ones. Our product greatly reduces the possibility of cross infection when around others.

Through SpectrumX we can all watch sports, enjoy music, travel and live safer together. SpectrumX will enable businesses to re-open their venues and sanitise their clients to allow mass gatherings once again.