Production Facility

A key element of the business is that SpectrumX holds a manufacturing license for the various products, making us and Spectrum Antimicrobials the only two companies in the world with the technical know-how to produce the unique formulations. In the facility design process, SpectrumX have identified significant cost savings allowing the company to achieve a lower unit cost and compete on price point with traditional alcohol based sanitisers. Manufacturing in the UK provide SpectrumX with supply chain and production efficiencies not currently available when shipping product from California.

To execute these licenses SpectrumX has secured a 16,000 sq ft industrial unit in Cheshire in the North West of England to serve as the production site for UK and EU distribution.

Clean Room / Production Area: 

  • 2500 sqft of Class 5 & 8 clean rooms for manufacturing including walk on suspended ceiling, HEPa fan filter units, HVAC system to manage environment 
  • Air locks on all doors
  • Negative pressure dispensary 
  • Regulatory compliant access and QC process design including zoned access control
  • Heat recovery to enhance energy efficiency 
  • Manufacturing lines in parallel and with segregation to allow for different products to be produced concurrently 
  • Automated gas injection system with HSE compliant storage, control and automated gas extraction 
  • Piped purified water for manufacture and cleaning 
  • Space designed to allow for future expansion and house bottling facilities

Microbiology Laboratory Facility 

  • Class 8 clean room for microbiology and Quality Control
  • Equipment including: 
    Light pads 
    -PH meters 

Purified Water System:

  • Pharmaceutical grade, reverse osmosis water purifying system including integrated sanitisation system and 10,000L pharmaceutical grade storage tank

Bottling Line:

  • Fully automated bottling line capable of processing between 3000 – 4000 bottles per hour