SpectrumX Direct Limited

Customers are changing their consumer behaviour to reflect the more eco-friendly and organic trend that is occurring in our modern day society. Consumers would now rather pay a premium price for a higher quality product rather than purchasing the economic choice. 

SpectrumX Direct opens up the enormous benefits of HOCL in the beauty sector from the anti aging properties of the substance to healing skin conditions and healing blemishes. Allowing people to move away from harsh, skin damaging alcohol solutions without having to sacrifice on performance. It also provides parents a product to protect their babies and children, everything from skin to dummies to toys can be safely and effectively sanitised.

The Best Performing Non Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

SpectrumX are launching what it believes to be the best performing non- alcohol based hand sanitiser in the market. Spectricept provides the ideal chemistry for an efficacious hand sanitiser.


SpectrumX are an NHS approved supplier for our B2B product offering. Healthcare professionals are amongst the highest consumers of hand sanitisers. We are supplying our sanitising mist to both Chelsea & Westminster and West Middlesex Hospitals. Feedback has been extremely positive and when production capacity allows plans are in place to roll out to other NHS Trusts.

We are additionally targeting large conscientious businesses and employers who, with the validation of use in the NHS, will be converted from use of alcohol for their customers and employees to further protect them.

How we make

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)

Spectrum Antimicrobials have known for over 20 years that HOCL is a product with the ability to have a significant positive impact on the world, however when produced using the traditional electrolysis methods there are limitations on its use in real world scenarios.

Understanding these limitations, inspired Spectrum Antimicrobials to formulate the first product chemistries engineered to produce HOCL products in such a way that they are highly effective and overcome the issues with those produced using electrolysis ensuring correct osmolality (salt concentration), pH and concentration as required for various medical and industrial applications.

Under strict quality-control procedures and within laboratory grade manufacturing facilities, we use purified water (H2O) and combine with Chlorine (Cl 2) , Calcium Oxide (CaO),  Zinc Chloride (ZnCl₂) and Cupric Chloride (CuCl2) to create finished HOCI products which:

Spectricept-Patented HOCL Formulation

The main active ingredient in Spectricept is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), which is a natural product actually found in the defence cells of all human beings and other animals, and without which mammalian evolution would not have taken place. It is lethal to all known pathogens, viral, bacterial and fungal. The breakthrough from our perspective is that our Spectricept team has been able to stabilise the HOCL molecule in the presence of other bodily substances that would normally break it down immediately such that its effective pathogen penetrating action is prolonged and extended and can work on dirty surfaces, such as, skin and hair. 

How the Solution Protects People

Pathogens, such as the COVID-19 virus, have a number of ways of spreading from one individual to another and these infection pathways needed to be stopped in order to reduce the epidemic or pandemic spread.

A critical pathway for viral infections to spread is via surfaces or human-to-human contact. This surface-related spread applies not just to inanimate objects such as seats and tables but also to fellow human beings who from time to time have touched these surfaces

The use of Spectricept as a Skin, Surface and Air sanitising mist, as well as, full-body coverage mist in the SpectriPOD “walk through” system, kills 99.99996% of pathogens and greatly reduces the viral load contamination caused by surface to surface transferance.