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COVID-19 has changed the way humans interact with one another in all settings – socially, professionally and more. Society is desperate to regain its normality of people co-mixing in spaces and so there is a shift in protocols to keep people safe. 

With SpectrumX Health we are protecting people when social interaction resumes with our SpectriPODs that will reduce infection pathways of all viral and bacterial infections, which are spread via surface to surface contamination. Our exclusive distributorship of the Assut Europe will allow delivery of high quality, high accuracy testing solutions to give peace of mind and protect the wider public.


SpectrumX Healthcare was conceived to utilise the incredible properties of Spectricept to protect people from surface to surface transmission when coming into contact with each other. By passing through one of our patented SpectriPODs more than 95% of the outer envelope of an individual is coated in a dry mist of the 100% human safe solution Spectricept. This results in the deactivation of all pathogens (including COVID-19).

We believe that as a result of the pandemic society at large will become far more conscious of personal hygiene and will expect businesses to adopt a higher level of duty of care towards their customers. The SpectriPOD will not only protect against COVID-19 but will also reduce the transmission risk of things like influenza (flu) as well as the common cold.

Joshua Vs Pulev

On December 12th 2020 SpectrumX launched the 3 lane SpectriPOD (E3) at the Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev Heavyweight Championship fight. All attendees from medical staff, matchroom boxing, the fighters and their teams passed through the SpectriPOD prior to entry to the SSE Arena, Wembley.

SpectrumX have been supporting Matchroom Boxing since August 2020 at their various events.

The New Normal

Our flagship 3 lane Pod has the ability to sanitise up to 5400 per hour making it the only viable product on the market for mass attendance. We are currently in discussions with various Premier League teams as well as some of the biggest venues in the country to develop protocols to safely protect fans and attendees when the time comes to reopen venues and stadia.

SpectrumX have also developed the only functional internal sanitation device in the world our SpectriPOD I1. Completely stand alone the compact Pod allows for up to 1800 people per hour entering and internal space to be sanitised to prevent the risk of cross infection. Talks are ongoing with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital over a pilot scheme which would see the hospital be the first in the UK to adopt the technology to protect its staff and all those entering the building. The SpectriPODs are manufactured in the UK by an NHS approved supplier ensuring the highest quality finished product.

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Medical Normality

Technological Innovation - SpectriPOD

The virus responsible for COVID-19 can exist on surfaces for extended periods of time. The exact role and potency of surface transmission is still the subject of much active investigation, but the World Health Organisation’s interim guidance focuses on the importance of reducing the potential for viral contamination in non-healthcare settings. For social or sporting events involving the mass gathering of human beings, this would typically involve deep cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces within a room, theatre, stadium to render the area ‘COVID secure’. This area though would fail to remain ‘COVID secure’ once people begin to enter due to shedding contaminants from clothing, skin, and hair. SpectriPOD’s remedy this and have proven to be an effective way to allow large groups of people to safely gather.