Our Businesses

SpectrumX Group is diversified across various aspects of healthcare and sanitisation. We hold licenses for the only patent protectable formulation of HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) in the world. HOCL is the substance produced by our white blood cells to fight infection in the body and it is the reason humans have evolved over millions of years.

Our Focuses:


SpectrumX Medical is a global leader in HOCL formulations. At the forefront of medical research and development into therapeutic applications, we are testing and developing novel treatments to tackle antimicrobial resistance and infection.

Consumer Products

The current global hand sanitiser market is dominated by alcohol based products. We supply the NHS and other major healthcare services with Spectricept™ - the most powerful hand sanitiser in the world.

Key Team Members

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Damien Hancox

Operations Director
Ben Hibbert

Strategic Investor
Aziz McMahon

Spectrum Antimicrobials
Hoji Alimi

Medical Advisor
Professor Dennis Kinane

Commercial Advisor
Lord Shrewsbury

Medical Advisor
Gordon Buchanan

Commercial Advisor
Derek Brown

Commercial Advisor
Dr Alexander Nill

Marketing Director
Jennifer Von Strohe

Communications Director
Susy Castro

Technical & Engineering Advisor
Dr Colin Petts

Crowd Safety Advisor
Carl Kruger


Across our businesses, we repeatedly get asked general questions about what we’re doing and sometimes some more specific ones about our individual products and their applications.

Read through our FAQ page here to find answers to common questions about SpectrumX.

Investor Relations

If you’re interested in finding out how you can join us on tackling the growing health issues impacting society globally, our Investor Relations team would be happy to explain how we do things.