Meet Our Team

Our UK Team

Damien Hancox

CEO & Founder

Damien Hancox is an experienced entrepreneur who specialises in identifying opportunities in emerging trends and builds businesses around the opportunities they represent. He started his career at a young age in the telecoms sector before moving into international retail development. Between 2001-2006 he built and sold a multi-million pound telecoms business. He has also successfully introduced brands to emerging markets and fast tracked their exposure for his customers and partners. He specialises in logistics and management, and bringing his experience of emerging markets together with that of imminent developments.

Susy Castro

Communications Executive

Susy Castro graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York and specialises in communications, design and marketing. She has worked in many countries around the world where she has developed the skills to understand different markets and client needs. She launched and operated her own successful fashion brand for over five years in Amsterdam before selling it to launch a creative agency in London. She has worked with an array of clients ranging from an NGO in Africa to a tech start up in London. She now specialises in developing and launching brands for fast moving business start-ups.

Des Grech

Sales Director

Des Grech has predominantly worked in the finance industry and was authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for a number of years and has over 25 years of experience building and leading the sales teams and revenue streams for a number of companies. In his last two roles Des was responsible for the global retail and institutional teams who generated over $1 billion in revenue which resulted in acquisitions for both companies.

Dr. Colin Petts

Technical and Engineering Advisor

Dr. Colin Petts holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College London. He has worked in high technology industries for nearly 40 years. During that time, he had a variety of roles including Research and Development, Engineering and Operations Management but always maintained a passion for Science and Technology.  He has experience of business restructuring, unit integration and change management. For the last two decades he has provided regulatory, product development and manufacturing assistance to over 250 organizations from the UK and around the world.

Ben Hibbert

Operations Director

Ben Hibbert is a Project Director of nearly two decades, he holds a BSc in Quantity Surveying from the University of Salford and is also a Chartered Surveyor with many years of experience delivering complex schemes around the UK. Having led projects with values up to £250m in a range of sectors including Education, Manufacturing, Logistics, Research, Health and Retail, Ben has fine-tuned the art of taking a project from inception to delivery, and believes that strong relationships and managing communication between all parties sit at the heart of successful implementation.

Richard Jones

General Manager

Richard Jones has had a career in logistics and operational management for both the public and the private sector. He was a Fleet Manager at Littlewoods Retail Group, and has held similar roles in local Government. With a proactive, strong customer focus and a can-do approach he is an experienced general manager with particular expertise in transport and logistics, project management and new systems development and delivery.

Phillip Blond

Public Policy Advisory Executive

Phillip Blond is an internationally recognised public policy consultant, and political and social commentator and advisor. He bridges the gap between politics and practice, offering strategic consultation and policy formation to governments, businesses and organisations across the world. He founded ResPublica an influential British Thinktank in 2009 prior to which he was an academic and author. His ideas have strongly influenced the UK agenda around regional economic development, devolution and the structure of public services.

Carl Krueger

Crowd Safety Management Consultant

Carl Krueger recently retired as Chief Superintendent from Merseyside Police after 30 years service. Carl was educated at the University of Liverpool and has a Masters Degree in Management. For 13 years he was a Police Football Commander working with two Premier league clubs and latterly the England team in domestic, European and international competitions. Since retirement he has worked in the football industry as an Operations Manager and Safety Officer for a football league club whilst also performing the role of FA Crowd Safety Adviser for Liverpool FC away matches in the UEFA Champions League. He is currently working with the Qatari Police as a training consultant preparing staff for the 2022 World Cup.

Dougal Paver

Business Development Advisor

Dougal Paver brings a wealth of experience as a marketing and public relations advisor to major PLCs and high-growth private businesses.  He built his agency to become one of the largest outside London before a sale to his management team and he now focuses on advising high growth businesses and firms in the property sector.

Professor Denis F. Kinane

Medical and Scientific Advisor

Professor Kinane has been in academia and research for 35 years, directing research centres, schools and institutes at 5 Universities, in Europe and the USA. Currently, he is Professor of  Immunology at the University of Geneva and on the board of several US, Chinese, Taiwanese and UK companies specialising in Health Care provision.  In addition, he is Medical Director, Science Director and Compliance Officer for several companies (UK, Taiwanese and Korean) specialising in the Health and Diagnostic Sector. Professor Kinane Is also CEO of his own pharma start-up TheraJect which specializes in slow release anti-inflammatories. Through interest and commitment, he positions himself at the interface of human scientific research and business, hoping to bring the latest medical innovations to fruition. Recently he has been using his skills and experience to bring together business, health, government and higher education to address the COVID pandemic, by co-founding the charity, Project-Little-Boats.  He continues to publish academic research as well as editing and reviewing grants and papers and performing due diligence on medical products.

Our US Team

Hoji Alimi

Scientific Director

Mr. Alimi has been working with HOCl for more than 20 years. He founded and served as the CEO and Chairman of Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. in 2002. The company focused on the development of a Hypochlorous Acid (“HOCl”) based topical anti-infective drug as well as device related applications. The company completed a successful controlled randomized double-blind phase II trial for improvement or cure of infection in diabetic ulcers. The company achieved multiple CE mark approvals  and seven 510(k) FDA clearances as well as other regulatory approvals for its primary platform drug in multiple foreign territories. In 2007, the company became public and traded on NASDAQ. The company had operations in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and distribution partners around the world.

Mr. Alimi is the CEO and founder of Spectrum Antimicrobials Inc. He holds more than 36 patents in areas of anti-infectives, surgical, wound care and manufacturing of specific drugs and devices. Mr. Alimi has raised more than $170,000,000 in capital for various ventures.

William Watson

International Development Director

William Watson leads Spectrum Antimicrobials financing and commercialization strategy. As a former investment banker registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and a member  of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) from 1981 through 2015, Mr. Watson’s background includes real estate, insurance, finance, and portfolio management. In his role as an investment banker, he originated and completed over 50 engagements totaling more than $400,000,000 of equity placements including  private placements and initial and secondary public offerings. Mr. Watson served on the Board of Directors of the National Investment Bankers Association from 2013 to 2016. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Plex Pharmaceuticals and Spectrum Antimicrobials.

Robert Toma

US Co-Founder

Robert Toma is a New York native with over two decades of experience within the Hospitality and Event Industries in New York Metro Area. Over the course of the last 7 years he also has consulted regularly for Event and Hospitality service providers across key North American cities, bringing his action-oriented marketing approach and expertise to the table.

Toma is a growth-oriented professional with a proven track record of successfully navigating companies of all sizes. An innovative and disruptive thinker, responsible for some of the most successful marketing initiatives around the launch of new products within the Hospitality and Event Industries. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Strategic Planning, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Brand & Product Development. 

In 2014 he founded TCE Presents, a NYC-based full service and design event production company. Under Rob’s leadership, TCE Presents was able to claim its place at the top of the oversaturated NYC market, successfully operating within both corporate and high traffic live concert space.

Michael Vitacco

US Co-Founder

Michael Vitacco is a New York native with 10+ years of experience in the Construction Industry. After successfully investing in Industrial Warehouse Sector Real Estate in early 2000’s, Vitacco co-founded TCE Presents in 2014. At TCE Presents (a full service and design event production company) Vitacco leads the Operation and Logistics as well as the Health and Safety departments, with a production staff of 70 – 100 at any given time and event capacities ranging from 5.000 to 20.000 patrons. 

His proven track record and license & permitting skills, as well as his deep knowledge of safety regulations in the New York Metropolitan Area are impressive. Vitacco’s areas of strength include, but are not limited to: building successful working relationships with local city- and government agencies, sourcing (temporary) permits and licenses and managing sponsorship activations as well as liaising with nationwide vendors.