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SpectrumX and Matchroom Boxing announce the first UK deployment of SpectriPOD sanitisation pods at Cash v Welborn fight, opening the door to the return of mass attendance at major sporting events


LONDON, Aug. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SpectrumX Healthcare Limited announces a world first with the deal to deploy its antiviral and antimicrobial sanitisation pods at the remaining Matchroom Boxing Fight Camp events. Matchroom organisers, their staff and the athletes will pass through SpectrumX’s sanitisation pod, SpectriPOD. The SpectriPOD system will check temperatures, detect face masks and apply an 100% human safe sanitisation solution to all exposed surfaces of clothes, hair and skin. Combined with other widely accepted preventative measures such as the use of facemasks and appropriate social distancing, the SpectriPODs will provide the safest possible environment for all attendees at the fight.

The SpectriPODs use medical grade technology to create an ultra-fine mist of Spectricept, a 100% human safe non-toxic antiviral and antimicrobial formulation derived from human white blood cells and scientifically proven to destroy 99.99996% of all bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19. The main component in the Spectricept solution, which is exclusive to SpectrumX in the UK and Europe, has been used in hospitals world-wide for over 20 years as a medical grade solution used to dramatically improve healing times in open wounds. With extensive eye, skin, lung, blood and allergen testing and international approvals, over 20 million patients have been treated with a Spectricept based solution. Introducing Spectricept as a mist form via the SpectriPOD technology ensures 95% body coverage and elimination of pathogens without any inconvenience or risk to the patron.

The SpectriPODs are designed for use at the entrance to all mass gatherings, sports stadiums, music and arts venues and transport hubs. One SpectriPOD can process up to 3,600 individuals per hour. Combining multiple single or double pods would allow major sports venues such as Etihad Stadium or Lords to fill their stadium with little or no delay.

Damien Hancox, Co-Founder and Director of SpectrumX said: “The SpectriPODs offer an efficient, safe and effective route towards the re-introduction of fans to live sporting and cultural events. Using our sterilisation pods in combination with other trusted and prescribed measures such facemasks and appropriate social distancing could let thousands of fans return to enjoying live events such as Premiership football and music concerts. This will not only work for fans but also for the economy. We have had huge interest from the producers of leisure, arts and sports events. We are currently in talks with a number of Premier League clubs about introducing SpectriPODs for the start of the season.”

Eddie Hearn, Group Managing Director of Matchroom Boxing said: “Right from the start we made it absolutely clear that we wanted all those attending the Fight Camp events to know they were safe. As soon as we heard about SpectrumX we were interested and after reviewing the science and technology behind the system we wanted to add it to our safety protocols for the remaining fights. With the addition of the SpectriPOD along with swab testing, zoned areas and several other safety protocols, we have taken every solution available to us to create the safest possible environment for all those involved in the production of Fight Camp.”

Earlier this month SpectrumX announced a multi-million pound joint venture with US pharmaceutical group, Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc. to license the use of its patent-pending non-toxic antiviral and antimicrobial formulation, Spectricept, in the UK. Jerry Stonemetz, Medical Director of Johns Hopkins University described Spectricept by saying: “I feel this might represent the only true opportunity to keep this and other viruses at bay,” and noted, “I am convinced that we are simply seeing the tip of the iceberg as to the potential uses of this product.”

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About SpectrumX:

SpectrumX is a public safety company focused on protecting people from viral and bacterial infections using world leading technologies, delivered in safe, reliable methods. The company’s core product, SpectriPOD, is an NHS approved manufacturer built sanitisation walk-through system that can carry out safety protocols swiftly and contact-free to large volumes of people entering or leaving mass gatherings, such as, sporting events, arts venues or travel hubs. Using medical grade technology the pods check temperatures, detect face masks and deliver a fine mist of the 100% human safe antiviral and antimicrobial Spectricept solution removing all pathogens from exposed skin and clothing surfaces. In conjunction with mandatory mask wearing, social distancing and other preventative measures, the SpectriPOD offers the highest degree of public safety for organisers of mass gatherings.

About Matchroom Boxing:

Matchroom Boxing are the world’s leading boxing promotional outfit putting on sold out stadium and arena shows across the United Kingdom, Europe and America. Headed up by boxing supremo Eddie Hearn, Matchroom has been among the world leaders in major boxing promotion and production for over a quarter of a century since its launch in 1987. With an unrivalled stable that features the likes of two-time Unified Heavyweight king Anthony Joshua, Undisputed Lightweight World Champion Katie Taylor and pound-for-pound star Oleksandr Usyk, Matchroom’s unique expertise in promotion, staging and television productions cements their position as the No.1 promoters in the sport.

About Fightcamp:

What’s the first rule of Matchroom Fight Camp? No easy fights! Matchroom’s sizzling summer schedule launched with a bang on Saturday August 1st as Ted Cheeseman wrestled the IBF International Super-Welterweight Title from Sam Eggington in a ferocious Fight of the Year contender at the top of an unforgettable bill packed with 50-50 matchups from their stunning HQ in Brentwood, Essex.
The unique and ground-breaking outdoor setting overlooking the city of London plays host to huge Undisputed World Title clashes, historic all-British World Title showdowns, British and Commonwealth Title fights, Heavyweight wars and countless other Title bouts throughout August as Matchroom bring top tier boxing back to the screens of fights fans across the UK and US courtesy of Sky Sports and DAZN.