SpectrumX's Pre-IPO Raise

This Pre-IPO offering outlines the opportunities for the commercialisation of novel
formulations of HOCL in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Specifically how the SpectrumX Group can positively impact these sectors, through a diversified portfolio of offerings, by exploiting licenses from Spectrum Antimicrobials Inc., of the world’s first and only patent-protectable formulations of HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid).

The company is focused on bringing to market a groundbreaking respiratory
therapy (SPC-069) and the roll out of the most powerful hand sanitiser in the world
(Spectricept™). Both products utilise unique patent pending HOCL formulations.
HOCL is naturally occurring in human’s white blood cells and is a key contributor
to mankind’s evolution and protection over millions of years. It is human safe whilst
also being the most effective disinfectant known to mankind.

Key Team Members

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Damien Hancox

Ben Hibbert

Strategic Investor
Aziz McMahon

Spectrum Antimicrobials
Hoji Alimi

Medical Advisor
Professor Dennis Kinane

Commercial Advisor
Lord Shrewsbury

Medical Advisor
Gordon Buchanan

Commercial Advisor
Derek Brown

Commercial Advisor
Dr Alexander Nill

Capital Raise

To date in excess of £3 million has been invested by existing shareholders.

Pre-IPO capital is currency being raised at a discount to an initial listing price on the London Stock Exchange, target listing date is end of Q3 2021. Conservative estimated entry valuation is £50m.

SpectrumX have appointed Alfred Henry, a leading corporate advisory firm for companies listing on the London Stock Exchange. They are the 7th largest advisory firm for companies looking to list in the biotech sector.

Neville Registrars have been appointed as registrar and receiving agent for incoming investments and will hold funds until notes are issued to the register of noteholders. Founded as share registrars in 1936, the professional expertise of Neville Registrars is built upon over 80 years of continuous experience, and they are also qualified to act (and have done so (for) in excess of 20 years) as receiving agents in accordance with the requirements of Appendix 4.2 of the City Code.

They have been selected by SpectrumX due to their good standing in the financial services market as well as their experience in the sector.

Capital raised will be deployed to support the following key areas:

A Message From Our CEO

Globally there is a paradigm shift in the way people think about their health and wellbeing, not just conceptually, but in the products consumers choose to purchase. SpectrumX will have a part to play in nearly every aspect of this shift in society; from saving patients’ lives in hospitals, to providing consumers with innovative, safe and effective solutions for sanitisation and personal care. With the combination of our world renowned team, innovative developments and intellectual property, it is SpectrumX’s mission to be a globally leading HOCL health company, offering a better way to protect and improve people’s lives around the world.

Damien Hancox, CEO

Damien Hancox, CEO

Current global death rates:

Deaths attributed to AMR by 2050:

ILS Collaboration

SpectrumX has engaged Integrated Life Sciences Group (ILS) as a consultancy partner to plan and execute the commercialisation of its various products.

ILS is a specialist consultancy company that has a proven track record within the highly regulated medical industries. Their senior management team have a combined industry experience of more than 90 years, and have been supplying services to the sector since 2006, progressing numerous products through various complex compliance arenas.

Having supplied business solutions for the likes of Varian Medical Systems, AstraZeneca, Norgine, Optimum Medical, GlaxoSmithKline, and Convatec. ILS is perfectly positioned to handle the requirements of SpectrumX.
ILS has identified a number of structured pathways that will see the compliant implementation of HOCL into the associated markets. These pathways are aligned with roadmaps to ensure that each available route is maximised to its potential.

They will provide consultancy services to SpectrumX covering compliance and product launches across HSE, BSI and MHRA standards.

Production Facility

A key element of the business is that SpectrumX holds a manufacturing license for the various products, making us and Spectrum Antimicrobials the only two companies in the world with the technical know-how to produce the unique formulations. In the facility design process, SpectrumX
have identified significant cost savings allowing the company to achieve a lower unit cost and compete on price point with traditional alcohol based sanitisers. Manufacturing in the UK provide SpectrumX with supply chain and production efficiencies not currently available when shipping product from California.

To execute these licenses SpectrumX has secured a 16,000 sq ft industrial unit in Cheshire in the North West of England to serve as the production site for UK and EU distribution.

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